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Our response to Covid-19

Due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic we have had to adjust the way the club operates, please find details below.

Risk assessment

In response the constantly changing guidelines we have created a risk assessment document that we will use to lead our decisions on what is and what is not possible in regards to the services the club can provide to our members.

Getting out paddling

Currently, as determined by the risk assessment, we are only able to offer local flat water paddles. These will be advertised on the club calendar as usual, but will be separated into groups of 6 with staggered start times. When registering to attend an event, you will need to choose a start time, but we may move people around to facilitate more groups if necessary.

When registering to attend, you will need to agree to adhere to the following:

  • The club risk assessment is available at for me to read fully.
  • Parking areas may be busy with members of the public. I will take care to maintain 2m social distancing and where appropriate be prompt with organising myself and getting changed to reduce the amount of time I may come in contact with other people.
  • During the paddle (including embarking and disembarking) it is everyone’s duty to maintain the 2m social distance. I will need to be confident and competent to complete a self-rescue.
  • Social distancing may be breached at the discretion of the group leader, but only in the case of an emergency and as a last resort e.g. serious injury or entrapment.
  • I acknowledge that there is an expectation that I should carry my own personal first aid kit, hand sanitiser, gloves, mask and mobile phone in a suitable waterproof bag/case.
  • I will adhere to the club code of conduct, as detailed in the club handbook, at all times.
  • I understand that safety and social distancing is paramount. The group leader will make reasonable endeavours to ensure that risks are minimised and that could mean a last minute change of venue or the event being postponed / cancelled if the weather or water are unsuitable for every paddler in the group.
  • I acknowledge that my participation in any club event will be determined by the group leader and their assessment of my paddling skills and experience.

Please remember, that you will be representing Pirates Canoe Club on any trip and we must all do our part to maintain the integrity of the club and paddlesport as a whole.

Equipment hire

At present Conningbrook Lakes are closed which means there is no access to our storage container and we can therefore not offer equipment to our members. Until the lakes reopen, only members providing their own equipment may attend any events on the club calendar. We are hopeful that the Lakes will be reopen in July and that we will be once again able to offer equipment and sessions back on the lakes.

New members and current members who have never attended a pool session

We are open for new members, but importantly, due to social distancing we cannot offer the level of support required by paddlers with little-to-no paddling experience. Therefore, it is with regret that anyone who has not previously attended a club event or pool session will not be able to attend any club events until there is a suitable change in government guidelines. For new members with adequate paddling experience, there should be no reason you cannot attend, but please do contact us if you would like to discuss before you join.

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