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White water Kayak Pathway

All pathways are designed to to let you take control of your development. You should where possible track your own progress and make requests to the coaching team on Slack to deliver the sessions you would like to complete.

Our white water kayak pathway is designed for those who are new to moving water but have completed the kayak pathway.

Session: WK1.2 - Introduction

Who is it for?

This session is for those new to white water kayaking.

What will I learn?

You will be introduced to dynamics of moving water, learn how to cross the flow, move out of flat water (an eddy) into the flow and move back into the eddy

Session: WK1.2 - Improvers

Who is it for?

For those who can confidently control their craft in an easy moving water environment.

What will I learn?

This session focuses on Edge, Speed and rotation. We will focus heavily on your posture to facilitate best outcomes

Session: K2 - Progression

Who is it for?

Can you control your craft most of the time but sometimes it goes wrong

What will I learn?

We will be looking at reading the water and how the flow will impact on the paddler. Vision to visualize the move you want to make. Timing the move. What stokes to use and paddle placement.

Session: K3 - Advanced

Who is it for?

for those happy to take on a Grade 2 river.

What will I learn?

Review posture, edge rotation, but crucially 'Driving the boat appropriately', know when to apply power and when to take it off.

What's Next?

Personal awards

WWSR - White Water Safety Rescue

Extend your safety and rescue skills with the British Canoeing WWSR.

PPA - Personal Performance Award

With a little practice under your belt, you should now be aiming to complete your British Canoeing PPAs:

  • White Water Award
  • Progressive White Water Award
  • Advanced White Water Award

Become a leader

Why not consider the British Canoeing Moving Water Leader award. This will enable you to look after other people on the water and lead them on a trip on moving water up to grade 3.

Become and instructor or coach

Perhaps you would like to pay forward what you have learned and teach others. The British Canoeing Paddlesport Instuctor award will allow you to teach small groups in a very sheltered water environment.

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