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Goals and objectives

To promote the sport of canoeing and develop club members to a level of paddling competence appropriate to their personal goals & capabilities within a professional club community


  • To provide a community environment where members can actively engage in the sport.
  • Promoting paddling in a fun, relaxed, controlled, friendly environment appropriate to paddler capabilities.
  • Ascertaining members personal goals and objectives (target level), and making use of the Paddling Pathways help the individual to assess their present ability allowing the individual to join the pathway at the appropriate point to achieve those goals.
  • Provide coaching and development programmes to support members goals.
  • Develop member resumes determining competence. Resume may include a combination of internal/external courses and practical trip experience with formal signoff matrix.
  • Encourage peer to peer mentoring and responsibility.
  • Provide the forum for the introduction of paddlers with common interests. Creating opportunity for fellow paddlers to share and develop experience. Encourage interest groups such that members can proactively develop their skills as teams in specific areas of interest.
  • Provide opportunities to paddle in different environments both regionally and globally to develop members’ exposure at an appropriate level.
  • Provide new starters with opportunity to discover their areas of interest and guide them in best attributes of buying a boat following chosen line of interest (progression).

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