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Before booking onto any of our events, please make sure you have read and understood our event guidance to understand the difference between types of event and our event terms and conditions. If you are unsure whether a specific event is right for you or your family, please speak to the event organiser or the events officer before booking.

Event Notes

  • All paddles start at 10am unless otherwise stated.
  • Waterways licences are required on inland rivers and canals within England.
  • Please ensure you understand the trip definitions and the expectation of you and a member of the group.
  • It is important the organiser of each trip knows you are intending to attend, otherwise they may leave without you, or decide a slight change in plan due to weather or water conditions.
  • Peer-peer paddles may be coordinated directly by email, text, group-chat, social media or phone as these are more relaxed.

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